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Our Vision and Mission Statement

Our vision is to become the first name in small instrumentation design. We will offer impeccable quality, creative, exciting and effective products, with obvious value. We will be known worldwide for our ability to readily resolve seemingly complex requirements with quick, simple and affordable instrument solutions.

We will not seek to merely satisfy our corporate clients but instead, we will dazzle them with such knowledge, organization, individual attention, flexibility, courtesy and professionalism that their referrals will become our primary source of new business.

We will endorse the practice of continuous improvement, promote our interests aggressively, support free enterprise, play fair and earn a profit. We will reinvest profits for the further attainment of our corporate mission. Our employees will be smart, loyal and dependable. We will honor our company and ourselves by all we do.

Quality Policy

Although continuous improvement is our mission, quality shall remain defined by our customer’s decisions. As long as Awareness Technology is comfortable with the ethical and liability issues, quality is what our customer says it is.


Awareness Technology

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